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Bathing fun

Aqua bathing aid

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Bathing fun

Bath seat fluid

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Lyocell underwear

Lyocell body short sleeves

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Kuli-muli ag – For a wonderful childhood

Functionality on a scientific basis

A significant part of our products is made from the raw material Lyocell, also known under the brand Tencel. Lyocell is obtained from wood. Our Lyocell comes from sustainable forestry and is 100% organic. Lyocell fillings and fabrics have been proven to provide better and safer sleep. The high insulation effect, combined with lower filling volume and excellent moisture transport, result in optimal temperature regulation and prevent the baby from overheating. Lyocell is the natural hygiene fibre. When it comes to hygiene and bacterial growth, Lyocell with its fundamental natural properties offers completely new perspectives. Bacteria and dust mite growth have no chance with Lyocell.

Healthy and safe baby sleep

For years we have been working intensively on the prerequisites for healthy and safe baby sleep. We summarize the most important facts for you here:

Carefree breathing is what counts: As with adults, infants also experience “unconscious” pauses in breathing during sleep. The younger an infant is, the more frequently short pauses occur. This is usually harmless because the organism has a number of protective mechanisms against a threatening lack of oxygen. This is referred to as an alarm threshold. If this is reached or undershot, a respiratory reaction occurs. However, the alarm threshold can be impeded by infections, excessive body temperature, rebreathing of exhaled air (CO2) and passive smoking. This already mentions the most important requirements for the design of the sleeping environment for a baby. --> Read more

Kuli-Muli Lyocell sleeping bags with excellent climate properties

Kuli-Muli Lyocell sleeping bags are equipped with a special insulation filling of 70% Lyocell / 30% Polyester. They have a moisture absorption capacity that is over 50% higher than conventional sleeping bags with a pure polyester filling. Sleeping in Kuli-Muli Lyocell sleeping bags is more comfortable. The child sweats less and his sleep becomes more balanced. The sleeping bags can be used as year-round sleeping bags. --> More about sleeping bags

Kuli-Muli children mattresses

The latest scientific findings indicate that for a safe and healthy baby sleeping area, allergen-free is a very important factor, along with ventilation, which must be taken into account when designing products and selecting materials. Allergen sources can include dust mites, bacteria and mold. The allergenic substances can cause allergic reactions that can interfere with healthy and safe baby sleep.

All our functional mattresses are designed with these goals in mind. The two top models, Lyocell and AirFlow, also have unique cores in which bacteria and dust mites cannot develop. --> more about mattresses

Nest AirFlow

Ventilation of the sleeping area in the baby cot is central to healthy and safe sleep. To protect the head, head protectors / nests are often used, which severely restrict air circulation. The AirFlow nest allows unhindered air circulation and protects the head at the same time. A 15 mm thick ventilation ticking and a two-part cover made of perforated fabric and decorative fabric ensure unhindered air circulation. --> more about the nest AirFlow

Mattress topper AirProtector

The mattress covers of our functional mattresses are water-repellent, with full air permeability at the same time. Waterproof covers are not necessary or recommended. Only at a later age can mattress covers protect the mattress. However, conventional waterproof covers prevent air circulation. You feel uncomfortable and sweaty.

In order to be able to continue to guarantee the comfort of air circulation, we have developed a topper with a 6 mm high spacer fabric. --> more about the product Airprotector


Lyocell underwear

Nowadays, children increasingly suffer from chronic skin diseases such as psoriasis or neurodermatitis. Sweating and the intolerance of textiles are the most important provocation factors for skin irritations. It is therefore advisable to surround baby’s skin with particularly skin-friendly and natural materials right from the start. The Kuli-Muli baby underwear is made of pure lyocell and is 100% organic. --> more on this topic


Safety changing pad SECURE

Initial situation

It happens all the time. Kids fall off the changing table. Just one second of inattention can have devastating effects.

Our solution

In search of solutions, we have developed a changing pad that restricts the infant’s freedom of movement and thus prevents lightning-fast turning. --> more about the changing pad Secure



It is well known that children sweat in children’s car seats. Today’s seat covers are not really convincing. Mostly polyester is used as “filling”. Polyester, however, cannot absorb moisture.

Simply more comfort

We offer a new solution: Our seat layer consists of a 5 mm high spacer fabric, which is connected with fabric made of Lyocell. Lyocell absorbs moisture better than any known material; the spacer fabric provides air supply/cooling and removal of warm/humid air. The CLIMATIC seat cushions effectively reduce sweating and offer the best seating comfort. --> more about the products Climatic